plusOne 2.0 – New product launch [review]

A while ago, I was sent a few products from a new line by Clio Designs called plusOne. I reviewed their Dual Massager (a “rabbit” style vibrator) and the vibrating bullet.

A few months ago, they added even more products to their lineup, and I was lucky enough to be sent their new stuff to try out.

The first launch were fantastic products, you can find my full review here. However, this time around, I feel like things are even more streamlined and professional. The designs are great; takes on other product ideas but with their own twist., and keeping consistent with their original concept of well-made, affordable toys. I love the company name imprinted in the silicone, making everything look sleek and professional. The addition of magnetic charger connections is a huge plus with this new release, rather than plugs that I always feel like I’m breaking because of how hard you have to shove them in.

Like before, all toys are 100% waterproof, made of high-quality body-safe silicone, and are rechargeable

What are the new products?

Air Pulsing Arouser – $34.98

This is a clitoral sucker that is along the same idea as the one I previously reviewed, but 100 times better as far as actual function and performance. The silicone is buttery and smooth, just like with their initial launch of products, and the seamless design of this sucker; the broad body makes it comfortable to hold, molding to the palm of your hand, the gentle curve sort of hugs the shape of your mons pubis as well.

This is the only toy of its kind that is totally waterproof, not to mention that most are twice the price.

It’s much less aggressive than the other sucker that I reviewed, therefore making things much more enjoyable. I had always liked the idea of one of these toys before trying one, yet was so turned off by the first one I tried…I’m glad that I gave another one a shot.

Mini Massager

I was also sent the Mini Massager which is such a versatile and fun toy. It’s amazing for travel and has so many different uses which makes it a welcome addition to my top shelf lineup. It’s a versatile toy with more pinpoint vibrations that can serve as a multi-functional and gender-neutral product.

The toy itself is a perfect mix of easy to hold in your hand, but also serves a similar function as my beloved bullets. If you know me, or have read my other reviews, you know that I am a bullet queen. They are my favorite type of toy as someone who loves clitoral stimulation more than anything else, and yes, I am still holding onto my absolute favorite one even though it takes batteries rather than being rechargeable, and drains them quickly so I have a AAA battery graveyard by my bed


The Mini Massager can work amazingly as a bullet-esque vibe due to it’s more concentrated vibrations, though it’s a bit more comfortable and easier to hold in your hand for an extended period of time. It also easily works for many other uses like nipple play, sensory play on the body, penile stimulation, or could even be used for external anal stimulation. It’s intense enough that it can get the job done but not overwhelming, and not too buzzy.

This time around, plusOne has also moved into cleaning and wellness products along with their toys.

Toy Cleaning Wipes – $5.98

These are one of my favorite sex-related products I’ve ever owned that’s not a toy. The convenience factor alone is just too great to pass over. If you are someone who is on the go with your toys, or you’re in a situation where you need to clean a toy quickly without having to, say, break a scene to run to the bathroom and scrub down with toy cleaner, these wipes are amazing.


Aside from cleaning toys, they are body safe and can be used to clean up messes – on fingers, labia, etc. They don’t have harsh, irritating fragrance, they have the right amount of moisture, and don’t leave weird or sticky residues. I know that once I run out of the ones I was sent, I’ll have to go buy more.

Personal Lubricant – $8.98


The lube is pretty standard, and it’s water-based which is great because that’s pretty much all I use- unless I occasionally whip out something a little more long-lasting for butt stuff, like silicone-based – though usually water-based works perfectly fine there as well.

Something that I love is that it’s free from oils and parabens, etc. and it won’t stain your sheets which is one of the best things about any lube. It has the right amount of slip but won’t just drench you, so it’s pretty fuss free. It also lasts longer than some other water-based lubes I’ve tried in the past, so it’s definitely¬† one I’ll keep reaching for.

Final Thoughts

plusOne you’ve done it again. I keep being impressed by this brand, and I love the fact that they are sold through such large, mainstream outlets as Walmart and Target, making them more easily accessible to the masses (even if my local stores don’t carry them – yay Bible Belt…). They create quality products that are realistic, affordable, function well, and seem built to last – with their consumer in mind. I think I can confidently say that any future launches from this company, I will be snatching up as well.

Though these products were sent to me, all thoughts and opinions are my own – I will always keep it real. If you are interested in checking any of these out for yourself, visit your local Walmart, Target, or click the links thought this post.

For more information on each toy and the brand itself, check out the plusOne website here.

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