About Me


Welcome to Bidentity!

I’m Maren Harper (pronouns: she/they)

In my life, I hold many identities – feminist, queer, social activist, reproductive justice advocate, body positivity advocate, avid reader, kinky, person with mental illness, vegetarian (vegan-in-progress), pagan, coffee lover, and so many more.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in 2015 in Social Justice Studies, have volunteered for numerous organizations, worked on several political campaigns, and have immense passion for women’s rights/gender equality, queer and trans* justice, reproductive rights, environmental justice, and animal rights and liberation.

I am obsessed with earl grey tea, rewatching my favorite TV shows, roleplaying on Tumblr, and making Spotify playlist for everything.

About the Blog:

Over the past few years after finishing my undergrad at university, I have been back and forth on the idea of creating some sort of creative outlet where I could write about the things that are important to me and that I am passionate about. I could never decide on one specific topic or theme that I wanted to talk about…

…and so, Bidentity was born; a place where I could discuss all of my different identities and their intersection at different points throughout my life.

I plan to share stories about my ideas and experiences as a queer/bisexual identified individual who is also a feminist, activist, vegetarian, and more.