Paloqueth Mermaid Vibe (& bondage set) [review]


Paloqueth is a brand that reached out to me and that I’ve worked with a couple times now. I hadn’t heard anything about them until one of their reps contacted me asking if I would like to be sent a few items to test out in exchange for review and I figured, why not.

If you have been following me, you know that this is the brand that makes my favorite wand vibrator, reviewed here. So I was pleased when thy reached out to me again to see if I was interested in testing out even more products.

The company doesn’t have a massive selection, but they definitely have interesting and intriguing items and I selected a couple.


The main focus of this review is the Mermaid Vibe. Upon first impression, it feels nice, sleek and soft. Aesthetically very pleasing with a softly curving shaft to a small rounded head. The base is shaped nicely to hold and has plenty of length to keep a good grip, especially if you’re using it internally. For being such an affordable price, it is very well constructed and the silicone is soft and buttery.

Overall, this toy performs well, but my favorite part is that I LOVE how quiet it is! It can be used very discreetly, which is great for someone such as myself that does not live alone.

I first used this vibrator externally only. Clitoral stimulation is my favorite way to get off, and typically the most effective. Most of the vibration is focused only in the head, making it perfect for external use since you can focus the head directly where you want stimulation.

It’s very comfortable and easy to hold and if feels good in your hand, the entire length covered with smooth silicone. The conveniently located power button makes it easy to turn off and on without pausing or stopping play, also another good feature for me since once I orgasm, I’m pretty sensitive and overstimulated, and usually need to remove stimulation or turn it off quickly.

The vibrations are a good average level, not too buzzy, but not super rumbly either. I think this would be a good toy for someone just starting out who maybe wants to play around with internal and external play. The motor being located in the head makes it easy to use externally with targeted vibrations, but it also has plenty of insertable length to be used internally.


I was also sent their ten piece BDSM set, which I have tried out a bit. I haven’t had partnered interactions in a while so I haven’t been able to test their full potential and usability, but I have played around with them as much as I could. The cuffs and collar are very comfortable, the fuzzy lining makes them easy to wear and helps from hurting or cutting into your skin if you were to pull on them while restrained. The collar is a lot wider than what I am used to, making it almost function as a posture collar, but because of the lining, it’s not extremely uncomfortable.

The collar and cuffs also have a good range in size adjustability; I have a larger neck size and it fit me just fine.

The ball gag is where I got a bit discouraged. The side pieces are nice and soft, not cutting into the corners of your mouth, however, where I had a problem was with the ball itself. Rather than being a squishier rubber or silicone, it is the style made of hard plastic with holes – a lot like a wiffle ball. While some folks may be fine with or even enjoy this type of gag, it is just a bit too much for my mouth. I sometimes have issues with TMJ so having my mouth stretched that far open was a little too much for my poor jaw.

The other items in the set I haven’t gotten to test yet but am excited to try out. There is a small flogger (this is one item that seems a little more cheaply made – though it looks like it’ll get the job done), some soft black rope, and an x-shaped hog-tie style restraint.


As always, though I was sent these items, all thoughts and opinions are my own. If you’re interested in checking out Paloqueth, don’t forget to use code MAREN for 15% of your entire order at checkout.

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