My Vagina Is Relieved


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We take so much care in thinking about what we’re putting inside our bodies when it comes to food, medicine, drinks, and sex toys, so why don’t we talk so much about period products? If you are someone with a period and you use pads and/or tampons, I urge you to do your body a favor and go get better products.

Last month, I had my first period using organic cotton pads and tampons that are chlorine free, and free of other harsh dyes or chemicals, and it has changed everything. A typical period for me used to mean discomfort and irritation for at least a few days, and I thought that was just normal. I figured that the burning and itching of my vulva was just a side effect of having a pad resting against it for several hours, however I now know that it was because of what is in the pad that is irritating my sensitive skin.

Common brands of disposable, single use menstrual pads and tampons use a host of harmful materials. I had heard these things, but didn’t think too much of it until I decided to try an alternative.

I have also tried out a menstrual cup (which I just can’t get to work) and a soft cup (which leaks and, much like the regular cup, I can’t figure out to save my life), so for me, disposable products – though still pretty wasteful – make the most sense, so the least I can do for my body is to purchase products that are natural and more gentle to some of my most sensitive areas.

I also was probably exposing myself to even more harmful ‘ingredients’ by buying generic store brands rather than name brand, because they are cheaper. The new natural brands, however, are fairly comparative in price to name brands like Tampax and Kotex, so while a bit of a jump from generic pricing, I don’t feel that I’m hemorrhaging money for these products.

There are several brands popping up at various big name retail locations, and you can probably find some at your local co-op or health food store, but I personally picked up the “This Is L” brand from Target (not sponsored). I picked up regular absorbency tampons, and overnight pads (this is when I typically use pads, or on lazy days at home when I don’t feel like dealing with changing my tampon) and they also happened to be on sale which saved me a little bit of cash, which is always nice.


I just finished my second month of periods using organic products, and even did an experiment one of those days and used some of the other product that I still have left. It was the only day out of my entire period that I had irritation and discomfort, further solidifying my conclusions.


I understand that the allure of cheaper and more readily available products is tempting, especially for those of us who are twenty-somethings with student loan payments and hourly wage jobs, but I urge you – if it is at all within your means – please do your body a favor, and ditch the chlorine loaded pads and tampons, your vulva will thank you.

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.