Goals for Bidentity in 2019


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I am writing this and posting it to the internet in an attempt to keep myself accountable this year. I started my blog with so many great ideas already banked and the best of intentions for all I wanted to get done between last June and now, however, I failed to accomplish a lot of it.

I tend to start projects with full steam enthusiasm and set lofty goals for myself, and then fall off a short ways in, which is what sort of happened to me. Also, every year between late September and about late January, early February, I tend to turn inward; I’m focused on my favorite Sabbats and the holidays and don’t usually focus much on projects or other activities.

But now the holidays are over, it’s a new year, and I am determined to really turn Bidentity into what I envisioned it as this year.

Goal #1: Finish all of the pieces I have already started (most of which are already half done, I just can’t seem to finish).

When I began my blog and posted my introductory post in June, I already had a list of ideas that I knew I wanted to write, even though I only got through three of them.

Goal #2: Reviews.

Even though I established Bidentity as a sort of catch-all blog for my own personal identities and experiences, I did always intend to think of it as a sex blog and with that, comes toy reviews. I have one coming up probably in February or March thanks to my new affiliation to SXOhh, but I want to dive into many more in the coming months.

Goal #3: Make more friends.

I really love the sex blogger community on the internet, and am mostly on the outside looking in. Sarah Brynn Holliday of Formidable Femme is one of my dearest friends and has been super helpful to me, answering my panicked questions about how to communicate best with companies, or stuff that should be simple like how to put links in my website’s side bar. But I would love to make friends with even more of the amazing babes that I follow and admire from a far on Twitter, Instagram, and their blogs.

Goal #4: Make it to Woodhull

While I know that Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit has its issues, it is my goal to go at least once; after all, it is one of the biggest sexuality conferences in the country. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make it this year, so if not, I’d like to at least lay the ground work to go in 2020…but we shall see. You never know what the next few months will entail.

Goal #5: Trust Myself, and the process

Part of me feels like I need to grow Bidentity at an exponential rate and that I need to try to be at the caliber of my peers right off the bat…but the logic center of my brain understands that so many other bloggers have been at it for years, growing their blogs and their followings over time, and that I haven’t failed if I’m not at that point in 6 months, or even a year or two. I just need to be gentler with myself (in this and other aspects of my life)


So here it is. It’s put out in the world, and for some reason to me, that makes me feel more accountable than if I had just kept this list saved on my computer. Here’s to 20biTeen!